it's SNOT FAIR pack

Save Our Skin

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it's SNOT FAIR pack
it's SNOT FAIR pack
it's SNOT FAIR pack

Sometimes life can be a little or a lot SNOT fair... especially of late.

During times of sickness or low mood its so important that we feel loved and cared for.  

This is why we have created the it's SNOT FAIR pack - designed to help you or someone you adore feel a little better when feeling under the weather.


Whats inside save our skin's sNOT FAIR PACK?

Inside you will find a beautifully curated 100% natural collection of save our skin products, packed with active botanical ingredients, skin brightening vitamins, and nourishing oils... designed to help take you feeling from BLAH to HOORAH and keep you GLOWING inside and out!

- all products in the it's SNOT FAIR pack are full size


STEP 1 Make a Cuppa

1 x Organic and Caffeine Free Tea Tonic is included in the pack.  

STEP 2 Bathing Ritual 

Light a candle, play your favourite music and run yourself a bubble bath or shower and wash the bull of life away with our all natural plant based bubbles without the bull. The ritual of bathing is cleansing not only for the body, but your mind and soul. 


STEP 3 Nourish Your Skin 

Massage a couple of pumps of a magical golden oil all over your body from toes to nose.  Really get your circulation flowing.  This rich and nourishing blend of oils hydrates, evens out skin tone and strengthens your skin.  And the uplifting scent of crushed mandarin is a definite mood enhancer.



BLESS YOU BALM is  our natural vapour rub formulated with nourishing Australian Xtra Virgin Olive Oil, skin softening Calendula, Protective Beeswax and Honey.  It contains a blend of native 100% natural botanicals including Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle, Rosemary and Clove Bud. Apply under your nose, your temples, chest and massage into the souls of your feet before putting on your fluffy bed socks...  um.... Heaven!!!


STEP 5 Sweet Dreams 

Congratulate yourself for taking the time to care and gentle on yourself - take it easy now, watch a movie, read a book, have a nap just focus on healing - no rush - time heals all xox


Take Care + Enjoy 

Anastasia skin crusader 



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