Baby, it's cold outside!

Anastasia Skin Crusader

Baby, it’s cold outside. Like, really, really cold. And with frigid weather comes dry skin, redness, chapped lips, and the need to wear lots of layers. Thankfully, there are a slew of products out there that can make winter weather a bit more bearable—and help your skin recover from the super blistering days and overworked indoor heating. Here are our go-to products for surviving a Polar Vortex.

A powerful concoction

Go nuts with this – on lips, elbows cracked feet. Don’t be shy… lather your face with it at night for super powerful hydration. I do hands and face just before bed, that way it has 6-8 hours to soak in and work. This product contains xtra virgin olive oil which is packed full of antioxidants and holds in moisture without clogging pores, honey which draws moisture from air to stop your skin from drying out, calendar that sooths, softens and heals and beeswax for that extra hydration and protection.

A magical golden oil

Use this to remove makeup by simply massaging into your face and removing with a warm wet face clothe, it cuts right through eye makeup too and will leave you feeling clean and nourished. No after cleanser tight feeling. No drying out. Use a magical golden oil after each wash by massing all over your body, from your toes to your nose, it improves skin tone and texture and you can even run whatever residue you have left on your hands through the ends of your hair.


These multi-use products will help you battle the elements this winter and keep your skin summer worthy all year round.

Take Care + Njoy

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