Our Story

Founded in 2005 by Melbourne based mum + eczema sufferer Anastasia Lambadaridis, save our skin has been helping people take care of themselves naturally for over 15 years.  

As a young girl I couldn't wash with commercial soaps, they would burn and irritate my skin and at worst I would end up in hospital with severe eczema.  Fast forward thirty or so years and as an adult, I found myself spending a fortune;  hopping from brand to brand, in the quest to find something, that I could use that brought me relief and helped me look and feel good too.
But nothing! :(

Even the "green labels" weren't what they claimed to be and irritated my skin. 
I had dry patches all up my neck, cheeks, arms and legs, which really made me feel self conscious and quite low.  The only thing that seemed to work was Bio-Oil but the ingredients made me shriek. There were enough chemicals in this product to fuel a small village.

I kept asking...surely there was a natural way to take care of myself and my sensitive skin? 

That's when I realised what I was looking for didn't exist and if I wanted to help myself and people with sensitive skin achieve amazing results with their skincare, I was going to have to create something truly unique.  

So I went back to study and drew on ancient wisdom... I researched formulations that existed centuries ago, before things became Faster, Cheaper and well... Synthetic. My grandmother also taught me of the benefits of olive oil and ingredient that has been used to save our skin since biblical times.

I discovered that dehydrated skin lacks water, while dry skin lacks natural oils or sebum. Furthermore, dry skin is a skin type and is inherited through genetics, while dehydrated skin is a skin condition you acquire when your skin lacks water content.

And that... commercial skincare products are actually part of the problem, most if not all are watered down with "Aqua" a glorified word for water, which is actually very drying on the skin and hold minuscule % amounts of "the good stuff". 

The entire save our skin skincare range is super gentle on sensitive skin and packed with natural soothing, hydrating and protecting ingredients that will help you achieve your best skin and make your skin glow! 

The best part is our body products are suitable for the entire family.


In a nutshell...I don't love save our skin because I sell it.. I sell it because I love it.  It has been a huge part of my life and my own personal journey towards a more natural and healthy lifestyle.  To draw on ancient wisdom and resurrect this wisdom and then feel and see my skin looking good and glowing without all the "extras" was a huge personal accomplishment for me.

And...my heart still skips a beat every time someone thanks me for helping them achieve glowing skin and feel good about themselves too.   

Take Care + Enjoy!