Washing with soap… doesn’t sound all that cleansing….

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It’s surprising that the very product we use on our bodies to keep ourselves clean could actually be causing so much damage to not only the environment and aquatic systems, but also to our own skin & health.

When we bathe, most of us use a regular bar of soap bought from the supermarket.  After lathering up your body and cleaning away daily grime, you rinse away the soap to run down the drain.  The object of this ritual is supposed to keep us clean and smelling nice.

Unfortunately, most commercial soaps contain harsh chemical additives to make them lather properly.  They contain perfumes and fragrances that are known to cause irritation in some people.  These lovely smelling fragrances aren’t extracted from naturally aromatic pretty flowers from out in the field.  They’re produced chemically using cancer-causing chemicals so we can smell good.

Soaps hold their nice bar-like shape because of ingredients like animal tallow, paraffin wax and other crude oil derivatives.  Studies have also shown that some of the chemicals used in soap fragrances can cause skin diseases, birth defects and even liver damage in animal testing.

Another chemical found in commercial soaps is TCC or triclocarban, which is known to disrupt endocrine production and promote cancer, learning disabilities and even infertility.

We coat our skins with these toxic chemical compounds and then let those same chemicals run down our drains and into our water systems.  Washing with soap no longer sounds quite so cleansing.

Try sticking to authentic Castile Soaps and plant derived formulations. Mostly found in health food stores, farmers markets and online.

Save our skin offers two cleansing products that are kind to you and the environment.

  1. The mildest soap on earth – a traditional Castile soap developed in the 15th century in Spain – made with just – Xtra Virgin Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Beeswax & Lye. (no scent)
  2. Bubbles without the Bull – a Liquid soap perfect for bubble baths, hand and body wash (uplifting essential oils of mandarin leaf and spearmint)

All save our skin products are multi-use, meaning you less packaging and ingredients in the long run and are Perfect for him her and baby!

Take Care + Njoy

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