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Anastasia Skin Crusader

Bathoholics You No Longer Need To Remain Anonymous

My name is Anastasia Lambadaridis Heggie and I'm a bathaholic!

Haha - no really I love to soak, and by soak I mean immerse myself in plant based Bubbles without the Bull. 

Bubbles Without The Bull now comes in Bulk for bath addicts like me.

Day or night, sometimes both... it doesn't matter, but one thing's for sure; 2020 has got me soaking a whole lot more.

It's kind of like a night out, whilst staying at home...somewhere the kids won't bother me, somewhere I can be alone.

I'm not exactly sure when my addiction began, I think it was somewhere in my teens and I can tell you, mum and dad where not huge fans.

I'd stay in there for hours, blasting my latest and favourite tunes, sorting out my feelings whilst becoming a weathered prune.

Fast forward now to 2020; with two kids, husband, dog and home to care for... I have to's the best feeling when I shut the bathroom door.

I often say farewell to my husband only to emerge again once 3 hours have passed, twice a week I also wear my Australian Kaolin Pink Clay Mask.

I'm sharing this info now with you.  So that you can realise, that bathing is not just something children do.

Down-time to reflect, unwind and relax is so important for everyone.

Soaking is about reconnecting with yourself and about having a little bit of healthy fun.

It’s time to reclaim the bathroom, fill the tub and lock the door. Grab your favourite read or playlist, light a candle or ten or even more.

Bubbles Without The Bull now comes in Bulk for bath addicts like me.

5 Litres of plant based Australian Botanical Bubbles that can be enjoyed over and over by the whole family.

Take Care + Enjoy

Bathoholic, Skin Crusader + Save Our Skin Founder


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