save our skin now available at Nourished Life!!!!

Anastasia Skin Crusader

Helping Put the Bubbles Back into Baths for People with Sensitive Skin

What does a little girl with super sensitive skin who can’t have bubble baths or use commercial soaps do... she grows up... and becomes a skin crusader and launches her own range of plant based skin care products...that put the bubbles back into baths...minus the bull... today that little girl is super proud of her future self and chuffed that her bubbles are now available at Nourished Life 


1 in 3 Children These Days Suffer from Eczema 

Our founder Anastasia Lambadaridis Heggie suffered from sever eczema as a little girl a simple bubble bath would irritate her skin so much that she often landed in hospital due to her burning itchy skin.  Fast forward 30 something years... and Anastasia was adamant to make a change and has formulated her own range of Australian all natural skincare that has now been helping people for over 15 years.


Bubbles Without The Bull Allows Kids With Sensitive Skin and Eczema to Enjoy Bubble Baths

Thanks to our all-natural Australian Bubbles Without The Bull, kids across the country have been given the chance to join in on bath tub banter again.

Bubbles Without The Bull, now available at Nourished Life, is a multi-functional hand wash, body wash and bubble bath, specially formulated for eczema sufferers, sensitive skin and can be enjoyed by the entire family.


save our skin Has Been Helping Eczema Sufferers for Over 15 Years Now

“So often these days we are told what is "good", but, on closer inspection of product ingredients, even a lot of the so called "green labels", aren't what they claim to be. It was from this pure frustration and dissatisfaction that save our skin was born; to help treat my own eczema and my newborn son's sensitive skin". Anastasia Lambadaridis Heggie, says. Creator and CEO of save our skin,


It's what we keep out that saves our skin

Our range of 100% Natural Australian Botanical skin saving products, for face and body is suitable for the entire family. The ingredient list keeps the ethos of less equals more alive and is kept minimal and confusing botanical names are explained so that people can understand what they are actually using.



Kids Deserve to be Making Fun Memories in the Bath with Bubbles

"Our Bubbles Without the Bull have been formulated with the entire family in mind, especially little ones with eczema. Kids deserve to be making fun memories in the tub, it’s a quintessential rite of passage. Both my boys have eczema and I’m thankful that they haven’t had to skip on baths like l did as a child. Our formula is non toxic, non drying and it’s what we leave out that saves our skin,” continues Anastasia.


How is save our skin’s Bubbles Without The Bull Different?

The difference is in save our skin’s plant based formulations and the selective ingredients we choose to leave out.

Bubbles Without The Bull doesn’t contain any Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), no fragrances or known skin irritants. SLS is a very simple molecule and super small in size, this gives it the ability to penetrate the outer layers of the skin, especially when used in conditions that encourage the skins pores to open, such as a warm bath or shower.

When SLS penetrates the the skin irritation manifests, resulting in red, dry, scaly skin and eczema. Add fragrances, preservatives and other known irritants to the equation and the irritation levels accelerate.


save our skin’s Bubbles Without The Bull is Made in Australia and Vegan 

Our big bubbling formulation that contains a natural surfactant from Coconut to lift away dirt plus native Australian Spearmint, Mandarin, Rosemary and Tea Tree oils for a beautiful fresh scent. Completely free from artificial fragrances, gluten and toxins.

Add a few squirts to your little ones’ bubble bath to erase a day of play and messy easting! Or keep it on your basin and use it as a hand wash that won't dry out your skin. Or run your own bath and enjoy the bubbles minus the bull yourself!

Made in Australia. Vegan. Gluten free.

Take Care + Enjoy xox


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