Bubble's Messages

With 8 different messages to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a bubbles without the bull that inspires you, resonates with you, makes a great gift or simply puts a smile on your face.

Perfect for the kitchen sink, the bathroom vanity, bath tub & shower.

 Just Smile & Wave

So, you get cut off in traffic, you just bumped into your cheating ex- boyfriend & your boss is a dick and clearly doesn’t understand copyright law. You choose how to react…are you going to lose your cool or just smile & wave?

It feels so good to be able to rise above other peoples BS and be the boss of your own emotions. Wave like a Queen and smile knowing that the universal law of karma will take care of things for you.

Peace Out

When I was growing up I was scared of Notre Dame’s predictions that the world was going to end, the Atomic Bomb and Spiders. These days I’m still scared of spiders but our children are growing up in a world where mum might go to work one day, order a coffee and never come home. There are no words to describe the loss and tragedy of the Lyndt Chocolate Hostage Attack in Sydney and Charlie Hedbo in Paris. We may be of different colour, religion + beliefs – but this universal hand symbol is what the world needs more of. Peace!

Everything About you is So Bloody Beautiful

This one is for my auntie Susan, who, a day after her double mastectomy still managed a smile on her face and an upbeat sense of humour. She looked so glamorous lying in that hospital bed, even with tubes in her arms and having lost both breast she still rocked an up do, long eyelashes + fluffy slippers. But it’s her attitude that shined the most!

Never forget how beautiful you are. Take time out to do little things that make you feel good and smile :)

Sorry I am Allergic To Bullshit

If I had worked this out sooner in life, I probably would have saved myself a whole lot of   heartache + tummy upsets + bad skin. Keep it real + the BS to a minimum in all facets of your life. Trust me, it will make you feel so much better.

You are My Sunshine

My mum used to sing me this song when I was a little girl. And even though she is tone deaf :) It made me feel so loved.

This song still puts a smile on my face today.

Thank You

You might not think so at times, but you have so to be grateful for.   Just take time out to reflect when you catch yourself focusing on the BS and write down all the things you have to be thankful for.

Hip Hip Hooray

Celebrate your life, every moment, cause no one else is going to do it for you.

Make your 1 month or 10 year anniversary count. However small or large make your own time to celebrate. Talk it up, Get Helium Balloons or simply celebrate with your own private internal dance. Be happy!Life can be a party if you focus on all the good and create some hype around it.

Make Lemonade

When Life Hands you Lemons, Make Lemonade…

When life hands you BS take a Bubble Bath, Chill out and wash the stress away.

It’s amazing what a bubble bath can fix, time to reflect, relax or reorganise the stuff in your head.