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To find our more about the ingredients to steer clear of in your skincare and detox your skincare regime check out our article The Top 10 Ingredients You Should Avoid in Your Skincare 

save our skin skin saving facts

  • Your skin is your bodies largest organ, what you use on it is absorbed into your bloodstream (up to 60%) and effects you in good + bad ways.
  • The average adult uses almost 12 personal care products daily, xposing them to over 124 toxic chemicals
  • Hormone systems in wildlife are thrown in disarray by common water pollutants. + the list of culprits include personal care products rinsing down drains + into rivers. toxic chemicals in our environment threaten our rivers + lakes. our air, land + oceans + ultimately ourselves + our future.
  • World consumption of the use of chemicals in agriculture has leapt from 30 million tonne pa. in 1960 to 140 million tonne pa in 2013. farmers use pesticides to protect crops from parasites + they spray fertilisers to increase crop yields. as soon as it rains, the excess runs off into rivers + seeps into groundwater (from which 2/3rds of our drinking water comes from). eeek!