A POWERFUL CONCOCTION multifuctional go to balm

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A POWERFUL CONCOCTION  multifuctional go to balm
A POWERFUL CONCOCTION  multifuctional go to balm


A Powerful Concoction is Your  'Go To' skin healing + protecting balm that eliminates dry skin + promotes youthful healthy hydrated skin.

This is a multi-use skin healing products that can be used by the entire family.

We’ve been helping people achieve their best skin health since 2005

:) " After using everything on the market including steroid based ointments, I tried the healing balm that I was using to treat my face on my daughters eczema.  I was astonished to see the results.  Within 2 days her eczema had cleared up and within 9 days it was completely gone... this products has so many uses and I'm ecstatic to not have to use the steroid creams on my daughters skin anymore... a definite must for every mums bathroom cabinet.." Melinda Eyer, Beauty Editor Sunday Herald Sun, Body & Soul 

Use - hydrating parched lips, super rich face cream, overnight facial treatment, use on scars, wrinkles, cuticles, eczema, babies bum, burns, wounds, hands, feet, elbows, crusty skin.

A powerful concoction is the last step in your nightly skin saving regime.  Apply before bed on top of your normal skin saving serums and moisturisers to seal in moisture without clogging pores. 

You can even shine your shoes with it. 

Suitable for: 4 him, her + baby - sensitive skin, dry skin, eczema, rosacea.

Apply sparingly multiple times throughout the day to protect and heal the skin.

  • perfect for those delicate areas + dry rough + angry skin (around eyes, lips, elbows, feet, cuticles, nappy rash, eczema, burns, cuts + scrapes)
  • handmade in Melbourne Australia using locally sourced 100% natural ingredients
  • has been helping people treat eczema naturally for over 10 years
  • antioxidant + skin preserving, powerful healing properties
  • hydroscopic in nature - draws moisture from air to prevent skin from drying out


Ingredients Info

Your skin is your body’s largest organ what you put on it effects you in good + bad ways. All our ingredients have been hand selected + host multiple benefits for you + your skin.

Xtra Virgin Olive Oil: Has been used for centuries as a magical beauty multitasker that holds in moisture without clogging pores and is packed full of polyphenol antioxidants that improves skin texture and tone and helps reverse damage caused by sun and pollution exposure.

Beezwax: Made by busy bees + from the nectar of flowers. beeswax is a hydrating +protective ingredient that increases the skins overall moisture level + helps heal chaps + cracks.

Calendula: Calendula is a popular garden flower. It’s petals have been used for centuries 4 their great healing + softening action, also has gentle astringent properties beneficial 4 damaged skin.

Organic Honey: Organic honey has a hydroscopic nature, which means that it draws moisture from air to prevent the skin from drying out. this is very useful 2 prevent the skin from scarring by keeping it moist + aid with the growth of new tissue. perfect 4 wounds, burns + skin conditions like eczema. honey also has an antibiotic action + can be used 2 treat infection + pimples.



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