i love beards - a love story 4 the beard in your life

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i love beards - a love story 4 the beard in your life


I love beards is a 100% natural Australian botanical beard oil  brought to you by save our skin™ 

Its like a love poem for your Soul Patch, your Stubble, Your Mane.  Beards deserve affection and that's where we come into the picture.  For a long time now we've been wearing our beard goggles and we've formulated a 100% natural Australian Botanical beard oil, designed to keep your face beardiful 

I love beards is the best choice for daily maintenance. It eliminates beardruff (dry scaly chin stuff) and keeps your beardstache looking and smelling beardiful. Presented in a convenient matt black no mess pump pack, i love beards is the perfect companion for your bristles all year round, cause let's face it beard season never ends... 


I love beards a love poem 4 your beard 

Now I don't know how to write poetry too well, but damn do I know how to admire beards. So the day I first saw yours across the bathroom, I thought to myself, "I need to touch that”… Yeh I know, that sounds, insanely creepy. But the thought ran through my head all day.

To me most beards are magic. But yours was like all alluring. It made me feel bad. And a little weird. But I liked it.  Why, I have such a love for beards is beyond me, and yours is definitely the best. If I could have a marriage with just the facial hair coming from your chin. Trust me, I'd be looking for a ring.  This is my formal love poem, to the soup saver on your face. I love that people can lose food in you. You're like a bra on someone's face. I swear I look at your beard like Christians look at god. Sometimes I sit up wondering at night, wondering if your beard accepts me. But I think the results speak for themselves. Love me like I love your beard, I’m happy for you to use me day and night, I will not ask for anything in return.

I love beards and yours is my favourite Take  Care + Enjoy xox  


I love beards is a 100% natural Australian botanical beard oil  brought to you by skin crusaders™ 


Ingredients: 100% natural hand made in Melbourne Australia.

Sodium Olivate (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Mandarin Oil, Calendula Officinalis, Orange and Lavender Oil


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