20 Facts About Beards For Your Beardjoyment

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Our love for beards is not unconditional 

Whilst our love for beards is limitless, it's not unconditional (sorry not sorry) - you see the fact is... that for a beard to be beardiful and let off those I just want to touch your beard vibes and kiss you on the neck, it must be clean!!!

Thank your lucky stars we've developed and launched a beardcific wash called I love clean beards, which contains a carefully curated mix of Australian botanicals designed to help soften the hair and skin and keep it from getting dried out, whilst offering a super fresh antibacterial clean. 


I love clean beards - fact not fiction

So whilst a clean beard is a loved beard and that is a well known fact, here are some other facts about beards that you may not have known about.

1) Facial hair grows more in summer. 

2) Scientists believe that prehistoric men had beards for – warmth, protection and intimidation against blows to face. 

3) Beards grow 5.5 inches per year. In fact the average number of whiskers on a man’s face is 30,000. 

4) A man spends 3350 hours shaving in his lifetime. 

5) Beards help you to filter the pollutants and toxins. 

6) Studies have shown that women find a man with a full beard more attractive than a clean shaven look. 

7) Facial hair grows faster when a man hasn’t had sex for a while.  8) Beards never grow faster if you shave. Its a myth ! 

9) Otto the Great always swore by his Beard when saying anything serious. 

10) The love of beards is called "pogonophilia” derived from the Ancient Greek word pogon for beard and philia, translated "highest form of love", making someone who loves a beard a pogonophile. 

11) Abraham Lincoln grew a beard in the late 1860 when a little girl from New York gave him advice. 

12) Shamsher Singh of Punjab, India had his beard officially measured in 1997 at an astonishing 1.83 metres. It is the longest a male has ever had. 

13) Beards make you 63% more likely to win a staring contest. 

14) Before Sir Thomas More was beheaded he moved his lengthy beard aside saying ” it had not committed any treason” 

15) Beards were dangerous in hand to hand combat. Alexander the Great made all the shoulders shave the beards before the battle of Ardela.

16) High ranking ancient Egyptians dyed their beards and had them plaited with gold thread. Just to show sovereignty. 

17) Ancient philosophers retained their beards as a sign of their profession. 

18) Beards were once taxed. Peter the great encouraged beardlessness in men. Those who did not obey were charged 100 rubles for a medallion. 

19) Around 55% of men worldwide sport some form of facial hair. 

20) If you stopped shaving forever you would have a beard approximately 7.5 feet long .


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Take Care + Enjoy 

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