Healing Hands a Mindful Massage for Your Hands

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Mindful Hand Massage is an Act of Self Care that can be Done Anywhere 

This exercise is great, as it can be done anywhere, any time.

Maybe you are in a hectic meeting and want to bring your stress levels down?

Or maybe you’re just lying in bed, and want to deepen your relaxation?

Mindful hand massages allow us to relax our muscles, calm down, and reduce our breathing rate.


The Mindfulness Hand Massage

Start by pumping 2 pumps of our Healing Hands Hand Cream into the palm of your left hand and taking three slow breaths.

Really take in the essential oils and the sensation of the cream on your hands.  Can you smell the Sweet Orange, Cederwood or perhaps the Cinnamon, what scent are you picking up on more?

Rest your right hand in the palm of your left hand, with the palm facing upwards. Notice any sensations.

Start massaging around the cream along your wrist and bottom of your right hand with the thumb of your left hand. Notice any sensations, tickles, rough skin,
dryness, with no judgment.

Move up to the centre and pad of the palm, gently circling with the thumb of your left hand. Then moving back down, start massaging up the side of your hand, moving towards your pinky finger.

Gently stroke each finger, one at a time, apply gentle pressure and feel the space between each finger when moving to the next one.

Once you have finished massaging all fingers, massage the other side of your hand, focusing on the dips and joints between fingers. Move gradually around your hand, massaging. Notice each sensation or feeling that pops up, and then move back to the massage.

Once you are done, repeat with the other hand.

Notice afterwards how you feel – often this exercise can create a sense of calm and of being nurtured.

Mindful hand massage can reduce pain, improve mood, decrease stress, anxiety and tension, and give us a feeling of self-love.


Anastasia Skin Crusader 

Take Care + Enjoy 



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