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It takes 26 seconds for what you put on your skin to enter your bloodstream.  Think about it... your skin is your body's largest organ and what you put on it can effect your health in good + bad ways.  Research now shows that the average human... yes that's you and me...uses 12 personal care products each morning + we consume over 124 toxic ingredients.  It's time to check your skincare product labels and start looking after yourself and your family naturally today. 

By resurrecting ancient knowledge, Melbourne based mother and entrepreneur Anastasia Lambadaridis founded save our skin in 2005 after 4 years of research + battling a life time of skin sensitivities including eczema. "I could never use commercial soaps.. they would make my skin burn + itch... + after decades of hopping from one brand to another in the quest to look and feel good, I realised that even the so called green labels where not all they where cracked up to be. Most contained enough toxicity to fuel a small village... it was then, that I turned to the restorative properties of xtra virgin olive oil a beauty staple that has been used since biblical times... + after four years of research and concocting in my kitchen I resurrected 3 ancient beauty products that I consider bathroom staples.  These products have not only revealed the healthiest skin I have ever had, but also cured my eczema"



save our skin naturally with Multifunctional skincare solutions

save our skin products cleanse, repair, restore, rejuvenate +  hydrate the skin to reveal the healthiest you. Each product has been design with the philosophy of "less is more" in mind.  Our products have been tried + tested for over 10 years, are multifunctional, come in generous serving sizes +  contain no hidden nasties.   

save our skin products are perfect for him, her + baby + those with skin sensitivities such as eczema.  Made with locally sourced Australian ingredients,.

  • 100% natural, vitamin + antioxidant enriched, containing superior natural antiaging properties that help boost collagen production for total skin repair and renew. 


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:) " My skin has always been a pain point of mine... for years I have suffered from problematic dry and pimple prone skin... I have been using save our skin's a magical golden oil now for 5 months as a face cleanser and moisturiser... my pimples and dry skin has restored itself and I haven't had a break out in 3.5 months.. I am more confident as a result and forever grateful... thank you save our skin, a magical golden oil would have to be the best product on the market... and trust me... over the years... I have tried the lot " Ellie T 


:) " After using everything on the market including steroid based ointments, I tried my healing balm, a powerful concoction that I was using to treat my face on my daughters eczema. I was astonished to see the results. Within 2 days her eczema had cleared up and within 9 days it was completely gone... this products has so many uses and I'm ecstatic to not have to use the steroid creams on my daughters skin anymore... a definite must for every mums bathroom cabinet.." Melinda Eyer, Beauty Editor Sunday Herald Sun, Body & Soul